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House Cleaning in Perth

Best House Cleaning in Perth

GS Bond Cleaning Perth offers a paraphernalia of services by House Cleaning Perth which include end of lease cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning and garage cleaning. We transform your house and make it your dream home with our quality house cleaning services.

End of Lease Cleaning Perth

End of Lease Cleaning Perth is a service we offer in Perth upon the expiry of a tenant’s lease when the exiting tenant must clean up his rental property in order to satisfy his landlord and recover his security deposit. The process of inspection of rental property is extremely rigorous in Australia and for this reason we often act as liaison between the landlord or estate agent and our customers.

A consequence of the demanding system of inspection of property is a high quality end of lease cleaning in Perth which in turn drives property prices up. Thus our services enable landlords to rent out their property at a higher than normal rate.

Kitchen Cleaning Perth

As a House Cleaning Perth service, end of lease cleaning includes kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and carpet cleaning. The kitchen is the most important room in the house and the room in which the end of lease cleaning ritual begins. The refrigerator, an essential item in the kitchen is the first to be cleaned. The fridge is defrosted and the leftover food is removed to avoid contamination. The oven, stovetop and sink are also cleaned. The kitchen is thus thoroughly sanitized.

Bathroom Cleaning Perth

The bathroom is an integral part of the house and is an important room to be cleaned. Since it is used so frequently by so many people it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection. In order to promote health and hygiene within the house, the bathroom needs to be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. Bathroom Cleaning Perth is a service that performs this task for you.

The bathroom is deep cleaned in order to create a hygienic environment in the home. The bathroom cleaning process begins by eliminating all clutter. This is accomplished by removing extra items from the bathtub and the shelf so that the surfaces may be wiped. After decluttering, the bathroom is vacuumed to get rid of excessive hair fall on the bathroom surfaces.

The mould in the bathtub, the walls of the shower and the bathroom floor are also cleaned by scrubbing the various surfaces. The shower curtain is rinsed in the washing machine and the toilet is cleaned with a brush and a disinfectant. Bathroom cleaning is thus performed as part of the house cleaning procedure.

Carpet Cleaning Perth

The House Cleaning Perth services provided by GS Bond Cleaning Perth include carpet cleaning as a special service. There are various ways to clean a carpet and the option chosen depends on the preference of the customer. The best method of cleaning a carpet is by steam cleaning which is also known as the hot water extraction method. In this procedure the pressure of hot water and steam is used to clean the carpet. This method is successful in killing 90% of the bacteria in the carpet.

A carpet may also be cleaned through shampooing or using special shampoos and detergents to wash the carpet. This is similar to shampooing one’s hair. The chemicals present in the shampoo and detergents act upon the carpet to remove dirt and grime.

A carpet is a household item which brings style and colour to your home and enhances its décor. Regular cleaning of a carpet by a professional service is necessary for its proper maintenance. With due care a carpet can have a lifespan of fifteen years.

Regular cleaning of a carpet is necessary not only for its aesthetic value but also for reasons of health and hygiene. Over a period of time, a carpet not only collects dust but also becomes a host to bacteria, allergens and other undesirable substances. Cleaning the carpet through a professional service helps to get rid of pollutants and eliminates the health risk the carpet poses to the household.

A carpet may with the passage of time also become contaminated by pets or spilled food and drink and will start to give off a bad odour. It thus becomes a health hazard and requires cleaning by a professional service. Carpet Cleaning Perth will do the job for you.

Spring Cleaning Perth

Spring is a special season of the year and its arrival marks the end of the long winter. It is a time to get rid of the extra possessions accumulated over the winter and to give the house a spacious and new look. Spring Cleaning  is a type of house cleaning which involves the elimination of clutter. This is a service that is performed by GS Bond Cleaning Perth.

Garage Cleaning Perth

We also declutter your garage by removing old furniture and other items stored there to give it a spacious look. Cleaning the garage is an example of home improvement and our service pushes up the value of your property.

We offer the best House Cleaning Perth and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Call us for a free quote.

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